Diversity strengthens communities

By: Andrew Tepperman

In 1920, my grandfather Nate Tepperman an immigrant arrived to Canada with nothing. There was no MCC back then, no language or settlement services, and no community connections. His drive, determination and values system was passed on to future generations helping us reach our company’s 97th anniversary this year.  We have 6 Guiding Principle that steer us through life, 1 of them being about strengthening our communities.  We believe we have a responsibility and obligation. 

This was apparent during the pandemic when, having no idea what lied ahead for us, we created a new multi-year Indigenous Scholarship program at the University of Windsor for post-graduate studies.  Or a few years ago when we experienced an increase in refugees, we found opportunities to donate products, specifically helping children. This year we are committing additional funds to helping marginalized and racialized students reach college and university. Our vision aligns very closely with the MCC.

Windsor/Essex is a special place.  The diversity of people brings diversity of thinking and new approaches.  It can be difficult coming to a new country.  It can be even more challenging not having the language, education or money.  People with dreams have been immigrating here from all over the world. 

Today, we are fortunate to have an organization that makes the transition better.  There’s no better time having a strong and effective MCC to meet the increasing demand of newcomer orientation and education.  What’s special about our diversity is that while we all live in the greatest country of Canada, we get to be exposed to incredible cultural experiences from around the world with music, dance, the arts, food, literature and more.  Multi-culturalism strengthens community foundations.  Even more when it can be nurtured by an organization like MCC.  One of the questions for all of us is, how do we capitalize on this diversity to strengthen our community for the future generations.


Andrew Tepperman

President, Tepperman’s